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Dott is a people science company providing innovative assessments that is precise and bespoke to client needs, behaviours and brand

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Improve Team Productivity

The issue could be any one or a combination of these - an individual's ability, a motivational issue, a case of poor people management by the manager concerned, trust deficit within team members or simply a case of workplace conflict.

Our standardized diagnostic tools will help you identify and pinpoint the root cause(s) for drop in employee and team productivity, so that you know what specific lever to act upon, rather than seek general solutions for specific problems.

@dott Love it! Thank you for making our life easier and saving my team's time! I'll definitely recommend it to others.

AK Velu, CFO, Uniworld Logistics

Improve Team Productivity

Reduce Early Attrition

No company deliberately hires early exiters. Many of these new hires (10 to 30 %) do not perform or exit early because they don't 'fit in'.

We help you hire more engaged employees who are less likely to exit as they are aligned to your organization's culture and its values, and genuinely enjoy the kind of tasks their job requires and have a personality that fits well with their supervisor and the rest of their team.

We always thought we were hiring the right fit but the early attrition just won't reduce! Now it has after using Dott's assessments.

Kavita Tengse , VP-HR Hoonar Tekwurks

Reduce Attrition

Reduce Fraud & Shrinkages

Today, most organizations face serious problems of fraud, computer misuse, theft & dishonesty that lead to huge financial losses and puts reputation at risk! How do you find out if the person you are employing is truly honest and reliable?

Our specially designed Work Ethics and Integrity diagnostic tools can quickly and easily identify such employees at the assessment stage so that you are able to build a reliable and credible workforce.

Dott delivered on every quality parameters that we set. They are flexible, cost effective, and most importantly lightning fast. Right partners.

Ajay Saluja, Managing Director, Credit Suisse

Reduce Fraud theft

Identify & Develop Leaders

Your next generation of leaders is the future of your organisation. A good leader, whether hired externally or promoted internally, will ensure enhancement of business success.

Dott assessment tools and expertise will help you identify your next wave of leaders. We help you understand their strengths and where their gaps lie, so you can make sure your leaders have what it takes to inspire and motivate their teams.

We use Dott's assessment to identify and hire the right fit from top universities in UK. They are a trusted partner for us.

Snehmayee, Your Canvas, UK

Develop Leaders

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