Our story, our value

Dott has been around since 2012 and we've been on an epic ride ever since. The company started as a simple two people team funded by a large assessment company to help them develop customized behavioural tests. Today we're full blown London based company having its offices in more than five countries and boast of having many of global fortune 100 companies as our clients.

Just £1,000 in seed cash and a whole lot of time and effort spent developing and implementing reliable behavioural simulations and assessments that works. Every product we've released was conceived from the practical, real world needs.

Today we're a profitable company with 8 figures in annual revenue that's growing fast. But our mission has never changed: we create most innovative and affordable assessment solutions that are precise and bespoke to our client's needs, behaviours and brand. Our assessment product and services help our clients to reduce hiring time & cost, select candidates who will perform, identify potential leaders, improve team productivity and solve host of people issues.

No advertising. No venture capital. No outbound sales team. We continue to belief that, in the initial growth days until we reach economies of scale, our customers will solve our pain of marketing if we solve their pain!